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For municipalities

Move your population!

The provision of free sports equipment gives people of different backgrounds low-threshold access to sport and exercise. The automated rental stations can easily be integrated into existing sports areas or public spaces. They also demonstrably make the existing infrastructure more attractive.

“St. Pölten has set itself the goal of becoming a Fittest City of Austria. The individual activity of each and every one of us is very important. With Sportogo, we can specifically expand the range of leisure activities and sports on public places and invigorate them with sports: whether it's ball sports on Lake Ratzersdorf, fitness in Harland, trendy sports in Hammerpark or disc golf along the Traisen.”

Matthias Stadler, Mayor of St. Pölten

For sports facilities

Increase your sales!

With Sportogo's automated rental stations, you can make sports equipment available to your customers around the clock without the use of human resources. Set your own prices and generate revenue and valuable user data on a daily basis.

“With our individually designed Sportogo rental station, we generate sales every day and offer our customers the opportunity to rent their padel equipment directly on site around the clock.”

Peter Hauswirth, Padel Krems

For hotels

Expand your offering!

With Sportogo, you can offer your customers easy and convenient access to e-bikes, ski equipment and other sports equipment. This increases the satisfaction of your guests and at the same time offers new arguments for staying at your hotel. The result: positive reviews, new customers and attractive additional income.

“With Sportogo, we can easily digitalize e-bike rental and thus save financial and personnel resources.”

Christian Prem

Why Sportogo

Revitalizing sports infrastructure

Millions are invested in modern sports facilities that later resemble uninhabited ruins. Sportogo offers the right equipment for your sports infrastructure and thus brings it back to life sustainably.

Detailed data preparation

With the help of Sportogo, you get in-depth know-how about your customers. Detailed insights enable you to tailor even better to the individual needs of your target group.

Boost your sales

Regardless of whether it's a sports facility, retail or tourism sector. Increase your sales through automated sports equipment rental. Whether via our rental station or via our app.

Extend your offering

Sportogo offers you the opportunity to expand your sporting offerings many times over. Your customers therefore have many more options for active leisure activities.

Preparing for a healthy future

An active lifestyle is the best form of health care. Sportogo offers a comprehensive range of exercise options and extremely low-threshold access to sport without barriers to entry.

Sports equipment directly on site

The racket in the tennis hall, the SUP at the lake and the kettlebells in the fitness park. Sportogo offers the right sports equipment 24/7 at the right location.

Digital and analog advertising options

Whether at our rental station or via our app, Sportogo offers you comprehensive advertising options tailored to your target group.

Employer Branding

Who needs a fitness center membership? Bring Sportogo to your company and offer your employees comprehensive opportunities in the sports sector.

Our offer

Individual rental station
  • Offer your sports equipment via our fully automated rental station
  • Energy-optimized digital rental station
  • Individual compartment sizes depending on sports equipment - from table tennis balls to SUP
Mobile App
  • Operate rental stations using a smartphone
  • Free on iOS and Android
  • Location-based user identification
Personalized dashboard
  • Remote control of your stations
  • Utilization and revenue in real time
  • Data, visibility and advertising space
Digital sports rental
  • Make your equipment available to rent via our app
  • One Stop Shop - Book, Borrow, Pay
  • From e-bikes to sailboats
Mobile App
  • Complete rental process via smartphone
  • Free on iOS and Android
  • Location-based user identification
Personalized dashboard
  • Full transparency about rental processes
  • Rentals and revenue in real time
  • Data, visibility and process optimization


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